Blood On Her Hands

I quickly folded the paper and tucked it inside the collar of my jumpsuit, out of sight, and I waited for that afternoon when I would go to the yard and begin the plan for my escape.
So many thoughts began to run through my head.  Would this work?  What if I was caught?  I began to get worried the more I thought the plan through.  What if she was only playing me?  I didn't know this woman at all...why on Earth was I trusting her?  And if I went through the plan, wouldn't trying to escape simply strengthen the accusations against me?

Maybe I should just turn the note in to the security guards, I began to think.  They would almost certainely bring my husband's lover in for questioning, and perhaps they would give me a shorter time to serve if she ended up knowing anything about his murder.

I groaned and put my head in my hands.  I had no idea what to do...freedom seemed so close that I could almost see it, but through foggy glass; I had no clue how this "plan" would ever work out.

A guard walked to my door at that moment, and I sat up, startled.  My lawyer was standing behind him, looking excited.  "Come with me!" He almost shouted as the guard began to unlock the cell door.  "They have your husband's lover in custody! She was caught on speed radar near the state border and when she was pulled over, the police found blood in her backseat..."

He paused, his face suddenly grave. "...Your husband's blood."

The End

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