Christmas Morning

I suddenly woke up with a dying urge to know what the package contained. I ripped it open like a gift on Christmas morning and inside was an "official" letter from the state of Kansas.  It explained how there have  been new regulations set for the prisons in Kansas. They have appeared to crack down on the rules: no more gambling, smoking, and shorter free time.  Any violations of these rules will result in an extension of time that one has to serve for their crime. The letter was significantly more detailed, but that part is what the prisoners would begin a riot about. I am not sure how she got this paper to look so official but I believed every word, and I even knew it was made up.  I was shocked that I had this much faith and confidence in a woman that I thought I hated so much, but I guess the circumstances have changed.  Now that I had this letter in my possession I could sense that my escape was not far off...

The End

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