The Package

"A riot?" I asked her with a blank face. How did she expect me to start a riot.. I was just one person in this massive prison. She looked me straight in the face and explained exactly how the riot was to start. Checking to make sure that none of the guards were paying too much attention to us, she slipped me a small package. She told me to place it out in the yard one afternoon and the riot would start itself. Then she told me not to open it until that day. A little confused I agreed that I would do it.

And with that our meeting was over. As she left, I was lightly searched then brought back to my cell, without them finding the package. As I sat back in my cell I laid the package out on the floor wondering what could be inside. For some reason I felt I could trust this woman so I pushed the thoughts of doubt from my mind and laid down for a snooze.

The End

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