I'm Innocent (continued from page 3)

The only thing I look forward to in my day is when I get to play chess with the old man in the yard. We play for as long as we can and talk about the things we miss outside the gates. On occasion we play for a pack of cigarettes or a dollar.  

The days are long in prison and it can drive you crazy if you let it. There is one man who drives me crazy on a daily basis because he harrasses me. Today he kept hitting me with a towel after we showered and at lunch he throws peas and potatoes at my face. Sometimes it gets as bad as a sharp object pressed against my neck when I don't expect it. He acts as if he's joking but sometimes I think he will stab me for real.

There are murderers I eat lunch with everyday. The thing is I shouldn't be in jail. I am innocent. I know everyone in prison always says this but in my case its true. No one believes me because my DNA was found on the knife that was used to kill a women in a small apartment in Chicago. I was running for office during this time and I believe that someone did not want me to win. Who would do this to me?

The End

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