A Culprit?

                It was time to return to my cell.

                “See you guys tomorrow, “ I said.

                I walked as slowly as I could back to my cell.  I wanted to savor all that I could of this wonderful day.  The crispness on my skin was wonderful.  As I was walking back, I was approached by a man.

                “Hello, my name is Jim Eckstrom and I’m a lawyer.  My client would like to speak with you,” he said.

                “Well… okay.  May I ask who it is?” I inquired.

                “Cynthia Rogers,” he replied.

                “Who is that?” I asked.

                He gave me an odd look and finally said, “I suppose you’re about to find out.”

                I walked to the front area where there were phones.  Those kind of phones where the prisoner is on one side of the glass and the person who wishes to speak with them is on the other.  I looked at the beautiful woman that I was placed in front of.  Who was she?  I picked up my end of the receiver just as she picked hers up.

                “Hello,” she said, “I know you don’t know me but you’re about to find out.  I’m the one that your husband cheated on you with.”

                I had nothing to say.  All I did was look at her as I paled.  Really?  What did she want?  Why was she coming to see ME?  She gauged my reaction and finally spoke again but this time in a whisper.

                “I just wanted to say that I know it wasn’t you who killed him… And I know who did.”

The End

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