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So dangerous that there is never a day when someone can ‘relax’ unless the prison was under lockdown to where they basically locked us up in the cell for practically the entire day.  Almost everyone here believes they’re innocent for which the human mind can only handle for so long since it’s all locked up when it’s struggling for freedom.  For all our sanity and safety, we’re fortunate the guards do know what they’re doing day in and day out.  The daily routine is quite simple but effective as there hasn’t been too many problems around the prison lately.  It goes like this; Wake up and breakfast begins at 9am and runs till 10:30am and then cell time runs from 10:30am till 12pm.  Lunch begins from 12 and ends at 3:30pm as courtyard time is also included between those times.  After a hour or two, dinner begins at 7pm and lockup time begins at 9pm till 9am.  And this is our daily routine that gets us through here and what I’ve been doing for my past 365 days. 

The End

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