The Beginning

There isn't a day that goes by without me thinking of my husband how he was kind and loving, that we were made for each other.  We had been married for 6 years when he was coldly murdered by an unknown assassin.    We had met in college, in my sophomore year, when I caught sight of that man’s face bright and full of life.  A man of action that stood up for all his beliefs, my husband’s death left me so little life, a dangerous personality to have when you gain a degree in pharmaceutical biochemistry and work in a high controversial pharmaceutical company.  My husband was involved in the R&D department with highly revolutionary drugs, but whenever I asked him on any specifics he would show a sign of fear, and then said that they were making breakthroughs, but he couldn’t share anything because of the danger of anyone else knowing about.

            On the day of his death as I came home from a business trip the police were blocking off the area as I tried to pull into the garage.  When the first officer came to tell me the news of his sudden death I was horrified we had a spat just before I left, but I fell to the ground in tears as I saw them wheel off his body to the morgue.  Soon after the police had me in questioning about his death where I refuted all blame in his death.  The police found that the hotel I had slept in had no record of me being there and all my alibis were found false.  The DNA on the bloody knife was the confirming evidence of my guilt and soon I was within the confines of the Kansas State Prison system.   

The End

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