The Lawyer

The siren sound and the grid opened. It is time for the inner courtyard. My prison cell made and me walked outside. It is fall and it is could outside.

We going to sit with our normal gang. We are 4 people: there are Amanda and Michell, they were involved in a bank raid, Jesse, she was involved in a child abduction and me. It is important to have a group of people which can be trusted. But in prison, you can trust nobodey for real.

We do all the time the same in the inner courtyard time. Wait and hope that nothing append. Our gang has nothing to say in the prison. We have no influence and we try to be inconspicuous. We dont't want to have truble we the other gangs wich is ot always. 

I am 365 days here. 365 inner courtyard walks and I am always happy when I still alive after it. The time in prison is dangerous!

The End

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