A Square at a Time

Most everybody in jail always proclaim innocence. Guilt by DNA evidence is tough to overcome. Will the innocence of this inmate ever be proven?

This week's story is submitted in excellent style by Annie DeVil.

            I rip off another piece of toilet paper; this marks the 365th piece.  365 days of pure misery.  365 days since I heard the verdict, “in the charge of first degree homicide, we find the defendant guilty.”  365 days in jail.  Good news, only 8,760 more days.

            I should be happy; I suppose.  I have survived one full year in jail.  And not through the love and support of my family and friends, those I have not seen or heard from since the day of the trial.  They all believe I’m guilty. I mean who wouldn’t?  The evidence was clear, and I was a likely suspect.  Wife finds out husband is cheating, and in a fit of rage, kills him.  Not to mention, my DNA matched the DNA found on the knife that killed him.   So yes, a likely suspect, but not the right one.  I still wonder how someone got my DNA.  Who would want to frame me? Will I ever get out of here?  Will anyone ever believe I’m innocent?

The End

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