I Can't Take This Anymore, Tara

We stayed the night at Allisa's, knowing dad wouldn't be home until atleast tomorow night. We have no idea where he goes, we just know that when he's gone is when we're the happiest.

"Tara, I can't take this anymore." I heard the voice from behind me.

It was Allisa, the usually perky, bright-eyed Allisa looked terrified.

"What? You can't take it anymore!" I said angrily. How could she? It's not her that has to go through all the beatings, all the yelling and screaming, the heartache, the loss of a family.

"No, honey, I can't, I can't stand seeing you girls like this. It's unfair to you. You need a real family, one that will actually take care of you. It hurts me to see you like this and I've kept quiet about everything, never have told anyone, but it's getting out of hand." She said in her soft, southern accent.

"I won't always be here to protect you. What happens if he moves you away from me? Who would you go to then? It can't go on any longer. Either you report him or I will."

I froze, I couldn't turn him in! He would know, he would figure it out. He'd know it was me. He doesn't think anyone knows about it but him and us. If he knew Allisa helped us..... It'd be horrible, I have a feeling he'd go after her to and I'd never be able to forgive myself.

"I can't." I whispered softly.

"Then I will, you girls cannot live like this." She looked straight into my eyes with a set look on her face.

I couldn't argue, but I didn't want her to. I can't explain it. I should hate him. I should never forgive him for what he's done to us.

But he's my dad. I love him.

"The next time it happens, I'm calling the police." Allisa told me sternly.

I nodded.

At that moment, Ellie walked in the room, and we both put on smiles and gave no hint at to what we had been talking about. There was no need to worry her. She was finally happy when we were here and I couldn't take some of her last happy moments of the day from her.

The End

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