A Happy Family?

Tara, the main character, and her younger sister, Ellie, who is four are in a horrible family situation. Their mother and older sister died in a fire, and their father was never the same. He took to beating them. The only person they feel they can really trust is their elderly neighbor, Allisa.

Hot tears running down my face, readying myself for the next blow.

As everyone else sees it, he's the perfect dad, proud, encouraging, loving. Ya right. My sister and I know the truth.

His hand came at me, I could faintly hear Ellie sobbing in the background. She always started crying when he hit me, she couldn't help it.

He used to be a great person. Then mom died. The mood swings started and he was intollerant of everything.

Finally he left. I breathed a sigh of relief, and took Ellie out from under the bed.

"Do you want to go to Allisa's?" I asked her.

Allisa was the only person that knew about him. She was our elderly neighbor, who loved us like noone else had since mom.

Ellie nodded her head yes, tears still running down her face.

I picked her up, wincing from the pain I felt.

How was I going to explain the huge bruises on the side of my face this time?

We walked toward Allisa's and she opened the door and took Ellie silently.

"How about some cookies?" She asked us.

We smiled at her and thanked her.

That's what I loved about her, no questions, and didn't bug us to talk about it. She just accepted us

The End

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