A happy ending part 1Mature

Just something I wrote while bored

As she stood there, her heart pounding. Her mind racing at what she was about to do to him. A smile slowly spreading across his face while he laid upon the bed. His hands tied to the headboard and his feet to the foot board.'Come on Love. You can do this. Make me beg for it.' He whispered as her eyes traveled from his down to his limp cock.'Oh I'll make you do more then beg my pet' She cooed reaching out to gently stroke his balls. Her nails tracing small circles on them. He gave a small shake at her touch. She smirked as she drew her hand away. 'Now now. Don't get to excited' she giggles dancing to the side of the room. The heels of her black thigh high boots clicking across the floor as she moved, her lace night gown fitting perfectly upon her body. He took a deep breath as he watched her grab a whip, his eyes bursting with lust for her.Slowly turning around she walked back to him. 'Are you sure you're ready for this?' She asked for what seemed the hundredth time that night.'Yes. Im sure I want this' he groaned while his eyes slowly undressed her.She giggled as she began to trace the tip of the leather whip from his ankles up to his balls. Gently smacking them with the whip to make them bounce as her eyes lock onto his.Her smile grow as his member began to harden.'That's a good boy!' She whispered reaching down with her there hand to grib his cock and stroke it slowly.His moaning turning her panties into a small pool. 'Now now look what you've done my pet.' She said setting the whip down to slide the red thong off. Looking at him she placed it within his hand so he could feel what he had done.'I'm sorry Miss. I didn't mean to.' He said playing with her thong.'Now you much please me.' She said while removing the pillow from under his head. His eyes looking her up and down as he readied himself to please. Picking the whip up and setting it upon the table she began to climb upon him her vagina upon his face.'Now put your tongue to work.' She depended as he licked up her already flowing juices. Tilting her head back she moaned his name. Causing him to bury his face into her.'Undo my hands Love and I'll please you even more.' He groaned into her.She smiled reaching over to untie, his hands quickly finding her body to explore and pulling her closing onto his face. His tongue flicking across her clit as fast as he could make it go.'Oh god yes!' She screamed gripping the headboard as her body arched back and she began to ride his face. His left hand pitching her nipple while his right scratched at her back. Her hips rocking upon his face as his tongue began to enter her. Her screaming only growing with the pleasure he gave her. 'MORE! MORE! MORE!' She moaned as she tighter upon his tongue and let loose all her juices. Falling backward next to him she began to untie his feet.'Do as you wish now' she said half expecting him to leave since he had only wanted to make her cum.Smiling the man stood up and grabbed her to pull her to the side of the bed.'Oh I'm not done Darlin. You've got me worked up.' He said hoisting her hips up as he slipped his member deep into her. Gasping at the feel of him she began to moan. With each moan he thrusted harder and faster.'Cum for me again' he whispered reaching up to play with her nipple. Her back arching once more as her vagina tightened around his cock.*how is he able to make me cum twice in less then a few minutes?* she wondered as she began to scream his name while she cummed once more for him.'That's my girl!' He grinned grabbing both sides of her hips and thrusting in harder and harder. 'I'll make you cum a few more times before I'm done' he chuckled as his thumb began to circle her clit.'Oh god yes. YES!' She screaming reaching up to scratch his chest, her legs wrapping around his waist to pull him in more. Grinning he pulled her up onto him so he was hold her. His lips locking onto her as she bounced up and down on his cock. His hand tangling up into her hair.Pulling her head back to expose her neck he began to bite and suck upon it. Moaning into ear as she let loose once more upon his cock.'Good god you know how to please a woman.' She moaned scratching his back.'Only for you my dear.' He whispered upon her neck as he turned and fell onto the bed so she was on top. 'Now ride me till I cum.' He commanded slapping her ass as she began to bounce and wiggle her hips upon his, driving him  as deep as she could with her. His hand gripping her hips as he watched her tits bounce with her movement. Smirking and leaned himself up and latched onto one of her nipples and began to suck and nibble upon it. Her excitement growing with each nibble.  Her hands running through his hair and scratching his arms as she gave one last bounce before he forced her to stay down as he exploded deep inside of her. Feeling him cum she gasped and let loose with him.Both clasping back onto the bed. His hand gently tracing upon her thigh while his other hand found hers to hold.

The End

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