Part One

In the SPIRIT of Halloween, I decided to make up a story for all you GHOULS and boys that may be interested. Enjoy~

“I’m not kidding,” she whispered fearfully, her voice hoarse. She slowly moved to the opposite side of the living room, her feet almost gliding beneath her in order to obtain the silence. For a long time she stood there, peering around the corner of the corridor before hap heartedly beckoning me over; she placed a single finger upon her lips, warning me to keep quiet. When I finally made it across the room, carefully avoiding the floorboards that eerily creaked when given the right amount of pressure, I paused, waiting for her command. After a moment, I lightly poked her in the ribcage, causing her to shiver then scowl at me. Her small finger pointed down the hallway. My gaze followed and I noticed the assortment of paintings and mirrors hanging rather sporadically on the wall. None of them matched the wall nor each other; the only thing they shared in common is that they all were slightly askew, none hung as they should’ve, the way we put them up a mere ten months ago. Further down the hallway, a light flickered on and off. There, beneath the wavering light source, a chair had been placed, but it remained empty. “How… how did she get inside the house?” My younger sister, Penelope, pointed to the chair. “What are you talking about? No one is there,” I said, trying to adjust my eyes to see through the veil of darkness. “You aren’t serious, are you? You know you can’t talk like that. Not to your friends, or mommy or daddy. You probably shouldn’t say those things to me either. Not anymore.” “But… but… Don’t you see her too?” She asked me, hopefully, as if saying the word ‘no’ was enough to cause her whole entire world to crumble. I chose to stay silent. “Adira,” she mumbled, “I thought I could trust you. I thought you could trust me.” “If I didn’t trust you, then I wouldn’t have followed you to this part of the mansion. Penny, I trust you, but after what happened to you… the doctor said it was natural to conjure up hallucinations to help you cope, but at this point, you’ve exceeded her expectations and the next step is intense therapy. You know that,” I said, putting my hand on her shoulder. “We are all sad, but I don’t wanna lose you too.” “But she’s still here, Addy, I can feel her. I can see her. How do you ignore that?” “Baby,” I said, pulling her in to my chest as I stroked her hair, “We lost our sister five months ago. Valentina is gone now. Every single day I wish she wasn’t, but I can’t change the past and what happened. I can’t help but feel guilty for not being there, but I have to put those things behind me. You do too.” “I can’t,” she said. “I don’t know how.” “Well, you said that you can see her. Theoretically speaking, let’s say you can still see our sister. If you could talk to her one more time, do you know what you would say?” “Sort of…” “Then come on,” I grabbed Penny by the wrist, flicked on the light switch in the hallway, and began to drag her towards the chair. For someone who wanted to talk to their apparition of a sister, the level of resistance she exhibited was astounding. I nearly dragged her all the way to the chair when she finally cooperated. There, we stood at an empty chair. “Well,” I suggested, “go on and talk to her.” “Hello, Val. I miss you so much. I’m so sorry that you had to go at such a young age; you didn’t deserve what you got. You were one of my favorite people, and I just want you to know that. I didn’t mean for anything bad to happen to you, ever,” she said, staring at a spot just above the chair. “What are you talking about Penny? You made it sound as if you had something to do with Val’s disappearance,” I said, becoming somewhat nervous. “No, I would never,” she said softly. A chill cooled the air and the hall seemed to get smaller. “Tell her what you did,” uttered a voice in the hallway. “Tell her what you did to me.” “I’m so, so sorry Val,” Penny shouted as she ran away from the place in the hallway where we remained, back to the main building. “V- Val,” I stammered as a shiver ran down my spine. For a moment, a split second, I believed that I had really heard my sister. Then I remembered that she was gone.
The End

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