The creature complains

The creature walks out. The creatures sees. The creature cries.

The creature slithered out of his cave on the mountain. He rose, and he walked towards the rock. He tapped his finger on the rock. The songs of Rudolf and Frosty could be heard even from the mountains. The creature had tried earplugs. The creature had tried heavy metal music, but again and again the music prevailed. The music spoke joy to the one who knew no joy. The music spoke happiness to one incapable of remembering what it felt like. The music was a machine built to inspire merriment, but it caused guilt. The music burned into his skull like a crown of thorns.

“Make it stop!” the creature begged.

The creature rolled to and fro on the ground with his fingertips in his ears.

“Make it stop!” the creature yelled.

Oh, but the music did not listen. Why should it? It is clearly the creature’s fault that he is depressed. It is clearly his fault for not enjoying the music. The creature should simply hit the happy button that is somewhere inside his brain. Surely the creature had such a “happy button”. Clearly everyone else had a happy button. Clearly the creature was just a freak, and a weird one at that. Oh how stupid the creature must have been!

The creature cried his eyes out. The creature could not take the guilt that poured into his brain. He looked out in the distance of the town. He looked. He saw. He cried. It would not only be the sounds of music that would haunt him on this so called “holy” day. He heard the sounds of shopping. He heard the sounds of men. He heard the sounds of children. He heard so much, and he understood so little. He heard the men doing business. He heard the women gossiping lies. He heard teenagers masturbating to porn on tumblr. He heard little boys bullying one another. He heard little girls threatening to rape other children with controllers over Call of Duty.

“Agh…. Agh,” the creature let out the sounds of agony; not that anyone would hear them, and if they did then the agony would be ignored. How dare the creature be unhappy on Christmas. How dare this creature not sing Christmas carols. How dare this creature not join in on the merriment. How dare this creature not be Happy! Curses upon this creature! May he die in a hole, and may the little call of duty gamer girls rape him to their little hearts content!

“The agony!” the creature continued to roll to and fro.

“Would the Savior like his name to be tattooed to this holiday?” he cried.

“Would the Lord of all like his name attached to a holiday of gorging and business? Would the redeemer like his name attached to the holiday of money and greed? Would the lover of humanity like his name attached to a symbol of capitalism and materialism? Would he want to have part of a holiday that brainwashes children into thinking that all they need to be happy is more stuff? Would he sanction a holiday that encourages discontent? Would he be happy and jolly over a holiday that widens the emptiness of the soul and encourages the very  corruption of it!?”

It was in the middle of this ranting that all the people of the town below saw the creature. It was at that moment where all the townsgoer looked up from their phones and their computers screens to see this creature exclaim his agony. The creature knew that he would not have much time to say things to these people on their technologized ADD brains, so he left them with one final message…



The End

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