A Grey World

I'm tired of it all.

I'm tired. This world isn't cut out for me. I'm tired of walking through the masses of grey faced pedestrians, desperately trying to rush about to their destinations. Everything we do is for money. Money controls us. Holds boundaries for what we can and can't do and can end our lives if we don't have enough. I'm tired of poverty. I'm tired of death. I'm tired of life.

Everything is grey. The colours splashed onto us are artifical. Things like emotions-even love- can be bought. You can pay someone to be your friend, pay them to hate you, pay them to sleep with you, and we are still in the same, grey loop.

What happened to the colours? Don't you wonder what the world was like before the economic system? Before major brands began to hypnotise us and suck us in with their shiny objects and their advanced technology?

Then again, would the human race be as developed without the economic system? If we had no brands, no money, no greed, would the world really be a better place? Does the fabric of or existence depend upon money?

Think. Do we need money to survive?

The End

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