A Greater Good

I girl on a journey to find herself.

     My heart feels cold, life feels like  a joke. I should be talking about how much I loved life, but for the first time I felt like I belonged and was actually excepted with people I honestly cared about. Except the fact that it won't last forever nothing in my life does. Every times something good comes it is snatched away almost like a higher ruler is making me his comedy t.v show, but it isn't funny when it is happening to you. You could say I had a pessimistic perspective of things.

     My friends and I were laughing it up their jokes and laughter forced a smile on my face and laughter out of my lips. Chris was the biggest joker of the group he could get away with anything because of the simple fact everybody felt compelled to like him. Even I did but that wasn't the reason we were friends. He was short for his age but still decently tall; his black wavy hair went down to his ears. Then there was Jake the nicest and most sensitive of the group everybody respected him and he was sort of like a puppy in our group. Jake had piercing green eyes and was good looking but nobody outside our group gave him the respect he deserved. All of us would qualify as the "bad" kids and the people your parents tell you not to be friends with; the "wrong" crowd.

     All my friends are guys but that isn't a bad thing for me because I have a boyish personality such as liking video games and being able to make jokes normal girls wouldn't understand. I think that is the main reason why we were good friends is because I was the only girl who wasn't absolutely boy crazy.  Only on occasion would things ever get awkward between us.

     We were still in high school but almost on our way out, well at least for those of us actually trying to graduate.  There were kids like Dylan and Gabe would didn't care about graduating and none of us pushed them to do good because we all had an understanding with each other and we didn't really care it didn't change the person they were.

     The main reason I am frustrated with life right now is because I have completely lost faith in the human race. I have tried so much to get people to stop judging each other or labeling them and they should try to be in there shoes for a day. Even Cameron a friend I have known all my life hasn't changed his opinion and I have been trying to alter it for a while. He takes it like a joke, as if it is simply a phase I am going through and it annoys me so much. I just want to be taken seriously. I do joke around a lot but I can not stand when people can't see someone for who they are because they're too busy trying to think of the next style or more ways they can try to fit in. I just want the world to be a better place but I am not Martin Luther King, nobody will see things differently because of a sixteen year old kid.

     This is the reason I am angry, most of the world having unconditional hate for one another. Except my group of friends we all got along and we're great to each other. We never questioned ones motives and we're caring when someone needed it. They are the only ones I am comfortable around, and I can't help but hope our bonding lasts forever.

The End

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