A Good NightMature

I had initially planned this to go to about 12-1500 words, but it just sorta ended.

It was past the third hour. Silence a morgue would envy enveloped the town. Street lights turned their backs on the inevitable with their cowardly rays. Their hopeful master was not far away.

But he was not here. Not yet. 

A dog barked. Several responded. Muffled shouts. Silence resumes. 

The sigh of a car rose and fell, fading into the distance. All was quiet on the urban front. 

Click. Clack.

Click. Clack.

Click, clack. 

Click, clack, click.

Click, clack, click, clack, click, clack. 

A child emerged from a dark alley, eyes furtive, body unsteady. She removed her stiletto heels with a muffled sigh. They were sheathed in her small purse. Flats emerge. She slumped for a moment against the wall of a clothes shop, her unnaturally white blonde hair a shock against the blackness. She hugged her legs to her chest, her forehead kissing her knees. 

The dress, red, small price tag unremoved,  ended halfway up her thighs. It provided little insulation from the biting cold. A fake leather jacket with shortened sleeves was more style than substance. 

Goosebumps popped on legs just slightly too short and heavy to be called sensual. Shudders racked her shoulders (straps cutting deeply, flesh leaning over), the only sign life still pulsed through her. 

An angry buzzing jerked her from her reverie. Numb, nerveless paws scrabbled at the zip of her purse, tearing it open finally. She held her phone to bleary, unfocussed eyes. Artificial nails tapped staccato at the screen. The noise stopped. 

'Hello?' she whispered.

'Hello? Jesus are you ok? Where have you been? I've been trying to call you all night. I haven't seen you for hours! My dad picked me up, he wouldn't let me hang around.'

Teeth chattered uncontrollably. She held the phone from her face.

'Hello? Please just answer and say you're ok.' 

'Yeah I'm....fine. I'm home Tara.'

A relieved sigh. 'Oh thank God. I was afraid something had happened to you. Did you have a good night? Who was that guy you disappeared with? I hadn't seen him before.'

The girl shivered. 

'He was a cousin of Rob's wasn't he?' Tara continued.  'He seemed nice. A bit old, but nice.' 

'Yeah he did.'

'What's wrong with your voice? You sound like a chain smoker.'

'Sh-shouting in the club you know.'

'Oh right. Can't believe the Christmas holidays are nearly over already. My sixteenth will end them with a bang though! A good night though wasn't it?'

She murmured an unintelligible assent. 

'So I'll call you tomorrow ok? You can tell me everything!' 

'Yeah, sure.'


She dropped the phone limply onto her purse, however it caught the heel of one of her shoes and struck the edge of the kerb, falling in the grate of the street drainage system. She stared at where it had disappeared for a long moment. 

She tottered to her feet. She began to shuffle down the empty main street, the stiffness in her legs slowing her progress. The taxi rank was empty. And would stay empty during the doldrums of the night. 

Like running from cover to cover in a game of Tip the Can, she scurried nervously from street light to street light, each time throwing her facial features into sharp relief once more.

Light. Thick, smudged make-up.

Another light. Mascara which had run like tears down a mountainside.

The wind rose, throwing her hair back. She put her hands under her arms, grazes on her palms stinging afresh.

Another light. Dishevelled candy floss hair.

Another light.  Several thin bruises running horizontally on her neck.

The wind grew again, her jacket and hem beginning to flap.

Another light. Scuffed leather.

Another light.  Torn material. 

A revving engine. Jeers. 

Another light. An unnatural red stained by an all too natural scarlet. 

Another light. 

He seemed nice didn't he?

Another light. 

Another light. 


The End

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