A good Marxist is a rich Marxist

I have yet to meet a Marxist worth his salt who does remain attached to the "working classes."

During my second year in grad school, I met Rick and Nina. Fierce Marxists they were both. He was studying (what else?) Economics and she was en route to a Ph.D. in Social Work. Rick actually carried a copy of the Communist Manifesto around in his expensive leather briefcase.

Nina would regularly harangue me during lunch about the ills of American society to which Marxism had (always) the right answer. My reluctance to go along with these diatribes and get them cauterized onto my brain never really discouraged Nina, a dynamo of a little woman, with bright red hair and a perennial smile painted on her really beautiful shining face.

Rick came from a family of prominent medical doctors. He enjoyed a fat subsidy check every month plus full tuition, fees, and room and board expenses paid out of a trust fund. Nina's father was in the import business and had made, and lost, three fortunes before she entered college. At the time, he was in the middle of expanding a fourth, complete with a house in the Hamptons, a townhouse in New York, trips to Florida for the weekend, and a regular visit to Europe every summer.

When Rick and Nina invited me out to dinner, we never went to places where a tie was not required, where valet parking was not available, and where the wine list was not at least three A4 pages long.

Rick and Nina were committed to workers' rights and a classless society washed down with a bottle of assertive, fruity Merlot -- say, a Chateau Pontet-Canet Pauillac.

Rick and Nina always parked their vintage Mercedes on the street and put money in the meter because they would not apply for an on-campus parking permit and thus deprive some other needy student of a parking slot. Rick taught computer skills to minority kids twice a week. Nina was involved with numerous women's groups, mostly helping inner city folk build up basic skills. They both wrote articles for fringe "revolutionary" magazines and a student sheet on Marxist economics.

On graduation, Rick went to teach elite college and Nina got involved in publishing. The last I heard of them, they were divorced, but still going strong on Marxism and the support of the working class, Rick having inherited a substantial fortune after his mother passed away and Nina heading her own media distribution company.

Workers of the world, unite!

The End

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