A Good Life

the good life? that is for you to decide.
After this you post your version of your version of a good life.

There was a man that had a dream. His dream was not of power, or fame, or a good job, instead he aspired to become a simple business man. Every day he took his coat, hat, and suitcase filled with business items to and from work. He met a woman and they were married, had 3 children whom he loved very much. His children and wife slowly became his driving force that sent him on his way every day. He worked to keep them in a home, he worked to keep them fed, he worked to keep them happy. No body really understood how he could keep his menial job without any aspirations. But he knew that this life was the life with him. His “Menial” job kept him and his family within the comforts of home.


Now, dear reader, whether he had a truly good life, that is for you to decide for yourself.

The End

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