A Good Day

Grey checks his watch.

"Check your watches"

The three other men in the car pull up their sweater sleeves and looked down at their writs.

"Call the time."

Seven seconds later their voices sync as they called the hour.

"Right then, put your faces on."

Augustine, rear passenger side, pulls the ski mask over his face. Once inside he was going to move right, advance on the guard, and order him to put on his handcuffs. If by the count of three the guard hadn't he was to shoot him and help Franklin collect the hostages.

Franklin, rear driver's side, adjusts the eye holes over his eyes. Once inside he was going to move left and sweep the waiting area and offices for stray employees. If he found any he was to force them out into the lobby and have them lie on their stomachs with their hands over their heads. If he finds a guard -shoot-.

Grey, front passenger side, loads a clip into his gun and sticks it into his waist band. He turns to Anthony. "You wait for us."

Anthony, the driver, nods.

Grey looks over his shoulder at the two in the back seat. "Ready?"

They nod and grip their shotguns.

"Let's do this."

They exit the car and cross the street to the First United Grand Bank.

The End

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