Species 22: Aurobacchus Luminar

Note : Not to be confused with the aurobacchus veritus, otherwise known as , the true goldgestat

This rather interesting species of parasite is almost exclusively found within the subterranean depths  of Entrea 9. It feeds of the epidermal layers of any carbon-based lifeform .( Nitrogen-based organisms tend to give it the aurobacchus equivalent of measles.)

A close relative of the aurobacchus veritus, it has the same interesting property of recycling its food to form nuggets of ores. However, unlike the veritus breed, which produces gold and its ores in mixed proportion as part of its excretory processes, the luminar variety produces iron pyrites and cuprous ores. However, the products of both appear to be the same, a possible evolutionary by-product, as a. veritus is highly protected and rarely harmed.

Both organisms have relatively long digestive cycles, approximately 7 months, owing to the complex chemical reactions involved. The a. luminar also reproduces asexually, using parthenogenesis.

The a. luminar's eating processes are not particularly painful and often, a treatment of a. luminar mastication is included in high-ended skincare packages.  As a result. the a. luminar finds its greatest takers in the cosmetic industry. Cosmetic surgeons have also been known to use the a. luminar's ability to digest skin, to perform rudimentary plastic surgery.

The saying " All that glitters is not gold" has often been attributed to the false goldgestat, as the a. luminar is popularly known.

Rating : Bordering on useful

Status: Normal

What to say when you meet one : Nothing, they lack sense of hearing.


The End

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