Species 20: Auronkey

An Auronkey is a small monkey like creature. They are found on the planet earth, in remote parts of the tropical rainforest's. They can grow to be 12 inches from head to toe. The main differences between a Auronkey and a monkey are their size, diet, habits, behavior and anatomy. In fact the only similarity would be at a glance an Auronkey would appear to be a very small monkey. An Auronkey has only three fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot. Their fingers and toes can grow to 2 inches each, and have small, hollow, cat like claws. The claws carry a venom which is used to paralyze their pray. their diet consists of mainly small fish. Auronkies are amphibious creatures and can hold their breath for several minutes. they are extremely fast swimmers and extraordinarily strong. they can carry up to eight times their body weight. Auronkies live in trees in a squirrel like hide away called a nest. they use their claws to climb and their tail to carry food. Auronkies will only eat in their nests and if their nest has been disturbed they will not enter it but will build another. they are extremely shy and private creatures. They live alone and even when they mate they still do not share a nest. you would be very lucky to see one. if you was to see one it would most likely be whilst it is carrying its food up to its nest. when an Auronkey gives birth it does so in a nest especially built for birthing. the mother will leave one Auronkey child in each of the special birthing nests and will take food to them daily. By the time an Auronkey is twelve weeks old it is able to fend for itself and catch its own food. they are intelligent, independent and mischievous creatures. Auronkies are hunted by a species of bird called the Hook beaked, red plumed, flutterer, otherwise known as Axinoustoius. Due to this Auronkies are becoming more and more rare, there has only been twenty seven recorded sightings in the last one hundred and nine years.

Rating: Harmless

Status: extremely endangered

The End

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