Species 16: Aqua-Nymphites

Seldom have I seen a species more beautiful than the Aqua-Nymphites. With blue-green skin and golden fins, the Aqua-Nymphites live deep down the dense waters of planet Marinara. For the astronomically challenged and those who may mistake it for a pasta sauce by the same name, Marinara is a watery planet 10 million light years away from Earth.

The Aqua-Nymphites reign supreme in the art of light and sound. They emit a ray of dazzling colours causing a hypnotic effect. In addition, they produce a humming sound that can induce one to sleep. This is their defense system from the predators.

When we first landed in the saucy waters of Marinara, so spell-bound was our entire crew by the beauty and the melodious hums of these Aqua-Nymphites that we almost drowned when a huge wave hit the ship.

When the video recordings were broadcast in 2126, millions watching it were believed to have gone into a blissful trance, and were reported to have woken up happy.

The sound effects of these Aqua-Nymphites have been used in clinical therapies and polysomnographic research, and have been prescribed as sleep aids.

During the early stages of this discovery, a number of crimes were reported where thieves were said to have hypnotized people with these light and sound effects.  Since then, aqua-block-glasses that reflect these blue-green light effects became standard for windows.

Alas, despite being some of the most beautiful creatures in the universe, these species are now in a decline due to the over-heating of the Marinara and their being killed by predators and greedy inter-stellar hunters.

The United Planets Organization has made the Aqua-Nymphites an endangered species, and hunting them is now deemed a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment in a room filled with Agma-Gamas.

Very few of these Aqua-Nymphites are now seen in Marinara which has been declared a preserved galactic park accessible only through guided tours.

Rating: Mesmerizing!

Status: Endangered

Right thing to say should you ever meet one:  Pinch me!! I must be dreaming!

The End

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