Species 15: Apocalypsoes

Artificially evolved as pleasure slaves by the contemptuously selfish Bu'gii of Bopa Major, the irrepressibly attractive, yet cruelly fated, Apocalypsoes are a sad story indeed.

Genetically enhanced, they were created to be the most amazing, awe-inspiring party animals in the universe. And indeed they were, but at a cost! For the Apocalypsoes were cursed to literally dance themselves to death.

The average life expectancy of one of these tragically transient creatures was approximately two Bopa years (1.76 Earth years). They were engineered to be fully formed and sexually mature from "birth", providing pleasure daily (without sleep - even caged they would continue to groove!) until pure exhaustion eventually led them to total collapse and a small explosive "finale" as their hearts, stretched to absolute tolerance, burst free from their heaving chests.

I had the dubious pleasure (although pleasure it most certainly was) of seeing several perform at the inaugural feast of Emperor Xiin Qii some years ago. I was offered the "honour" of coupling with a very, very fine female example shortly after pudding, but thank Od had the restraint to decline the offer and thus stay on the side of moral righteousness! Besides which, I was quite stuffed and in no position to "perform" myself...

In 2109 their manufacture was eventually outlawed and official shows ceased. However, the genetic codes are still in existence and I believe, for a price, one or two can still be obtained. For shame!

Rating: Tragic

Status: Underground

Right thing to say should you ever meet one: "Don't blame it on the sunshine..." etc.

The End

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