Species 14: Anubiskut

Resembling a jackal or a wolf but believed to be several times larger, the Anubiskut (ANU-biscuit) is perhaps one of the most feared species encountered by the inter-galactic explorers.

Found to inhabit the planet of Du-vat of the Nethermeda galaxy, the Anubiskut was discovered by Amalya Terramixia, whose crew was the first (and the only one so far) to venture into the Nethermeda galaxy, or the “Netherworld” as some call it, and come back alive in the year 2210.

In her recorded journals, Terramixia noted:

Its skin was dark as the darkest nights. It had fiery red eyes, razor-sharp teeth that looked like a field of spears, a long drooling tongue and the longest of claws I have ever seen in any animal. It let out a howl that could be heard for miles. Momentarily, I stood transfixed in fear at the sight of this ghoulish beast.

I tried to run from it, but tripped and fell. Soon its massive figure was hovering over me, emanating a pungent odour. And then, something miraculous happened. Out of my backpack fell a packet of biscuits. The beast immediately pounced on it and devoured the biscuits greedily, ignoring me. Grabbing this opportunity, I fled from its sight to the safety of my ship.

As they continued their expedition, Terramixia’s crew combed the planet searching for this beast and armed with plasma rifles, but to no avail. They did, however uncover some strange footprints. Many reported hearing wild howls and of smelling a pungent sulfuric odour associated with the beast. Others have reported seeing visions of this beast at night, but to this date, there is no photographic evidence, save for its footprints found in the planet of Du-vat.

Subsequent attempts to venture into the Nethermeda galaxy have failed.

Mythical scholars and historians associate the beast with Anubis, the God of Death. What we do learn from Terramixia’s encounter is that it is fond of biscuits.

Rating: Extremely fearsome

Status: Unknown

Right thing to say if you ever meet one: Would you like a biscuit? (Remember, biscuits can save your life.)

The End

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