Species 10: Ahhhhh-Pandas

Historically indigenous to the Bliss-Marshes of beautiful blue-green Neptuna-Theta, the Ahhhhh-Panda must rate amongst my (and anyone else's, probably) very favourite species of all time!

Quite simply, they are so heart-breakingly cute it is nigh-on impossible not to fall in love with them instantly, forgetting all woes and ailments in a nanosecond. Be you a Dingian Hyper-Hippie or a Bloodlust IV Mega-Warrior, resistance to their charms is entirely futile.

Employed by the inter-galactic peace corp as a solution to many a long running war, their effectiveness in this application was astonishing. Leading to an outbreak of almost universal hugging sometime towards the end of the third intersteller age (Frankasian timescale). I shall never forget it!

Sadly, hugging just wasn't good enough for some spoil-sports, who claimed the balance of nature was tilted too much towards the "touchy-feely" by these adorable bundles of love, hence a shameful cull enacted swiftly by the heartless Assassins of Nihil. The bloody bastards!

It has since been discovered that the secret of the Ahhhhh-Panda, besides its choochy looks, was a low-level alpha wave, emitted in their purr, which interacted with the brain-waves of all sentient beings, causing them to lose all vestiges of ancient aggression in their genetic make-up.

There are presently underground whispers that top scientists in deeply hidden laboritories are attempting to restore the species to its former glory using found samples of Ahhhhh-Panda DNA. We can only hope...

Rating: Gorgeous!

Status: Fingers Crossed!

Right thing to say should you ever meet one: Ahhhhh!!!

The End

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