Species 8: Agma-Gama

Many will know this next creature as perhaps one of the most bothersome species found today.  The Agma-Gama is a small creature, often a dark shade of purple.  It ranges in size from one to five inches, the body of which is made up of various combinations and sizes of suction cups.

The habit of the Agma-Gama is to attach itself to any sort of glass pane or window, pressing it's rather pinched face against it, while making particularly crude facial expressions at the individual who happens to be on the other side.  Some of the more nasty ones are known to emit incredibly offensive sounds as well.

In fact, the number of yearly heart-attacks has quintupled since the mass spread of the species; mainly in housewives who look out their kitchen windows in the morning only to find an Agma-Gama looking back.

The Agma-Gama wasn't always such a nuisance.  The species once existed on one plant only: Graptoolin in the galaxy of Hinsur.  Then one day, an interstellar explorer by the name of Vasco da Agma-Gama, discovered the planet and it's inhabitants.  Upon leaving the planet, he was unaware of several dozen Agma-Gama's suctioned to the ship.  The species is now known to inhabit every planet of every galaxy in the universe, and a few stars as well.

 People are still cursing his name today.

Rating: Terribly annoying

Status: Bloody everywhere

Right thing to say should you ever meet one:  The Windex is in the corner cupboard.


The End

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