The Afroominian species were a race of giant planet sized hairballs that floated around space with brains no bigger than the size of a peanut.

        It was because of this brain size that the Afroominians were mere able to float and notice things. But all this floating eventually caused them to begin floating into planets, and while merely noticing the planets they were colliding with the Afroominians were unable to stop themselves from coating hundreds of planets in giant bits of hair.

    In an effort to clean up after these giant beasts the government of the planet Zoophrratte, created a giant sticky roller ship that they could roll over the planets in their system. Unfortunately this wasn't a thorough enough job and most planets still had bits of hair clinging to them.

    Most planets said they weren't going to put up with that sort of nonsense, but they were the types who always wore black to fancy parties, or couldn't get their curly hair straight.

    Finally the Zoophrrattes, out of frustration, created giant comb ships, and went about brushing all the Afroominians down to a more managable and wavy size.

    Now the Afroomainians float around with fashionable and new age hair cuts, offering salons a way to advertise their business.

Rating: Manageable

Status: Combed

Right thing to say should you ever meet one: Wash and cut?

The End

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