Species 3: Acumins

A nomadic race it is hard to pinpoint the exact origin of.

For all intents and purposes they are humanoid, although, to my knowledge, one has never been held in captivity, alive or dead, in order for an anatomical study to be carried out.

As lore has it, they wandered aimlessly, lonely and homeless for many eons, self-conscious of their looks and strange dialect, which most alien races they encountered found wholly unpalatable. Hunted for pure sport, out of nothing less than meanness, they were reduced to the point of extinction.

It is at this point that an incredible twist of fate prevented this from happening...

Circa 1982 an Acumin craft being chased by a Thozzeen Interstellar PowerKettle crash landed on the planet Earth somewhere due West of the granite city of Aberdeen, Scotland. Under normal circumstances this would have caused great alarm and scandal amongst Earthlings, who were, at this point in history, largely unused to alien interaction, were it not for the fact that the surviving Acumins were all between four and five feet tall, ginger, had bad teeth and spoke with strong Scottish accents!

Years of research in this field have informed me that such outlandish coincidences are not as rare as you might think.

Characterised by their instant love of deep fried mars bars and fish suppers with lashings of "salt and Sauce" the Acumins thrived in their new home, becoming almost indistinguishable from their hosts in all but one way...

For Acumins, unlike true Scots, have the genetic abilty for empathic relations, and are famous for their innate abilty of "nice discrimination" (probably a bi-product of centuries of needless bullying), resulting in a total antithesis to the more prevailant xenophobic attitudes common in this time and area. In short, although terrifyingly weird to look at, smell, or touch, and almost impossible to understand, they are relentlessly kind, thoughtful and caring in every way!

Rating: Really lovely!

Status: Rare (due to inter-breeding)

Right Thing To Say If You Ever Meet One: You don't have to say anything, they know exactly how you feel!

The End

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