The much maligned Abaran-Txtus are to be found only in the inner reaches of the Gas Giant Abatx in the sector of Fffforn. Invisible to most bipeds they can be sensed solely through use of Ffffornian Abaran-Txtu detectors, though when and why anyone should want to detect one is  mystery to this researcher.

This is because the function and sole desire of an Abaran-Txtu is to penetrate the epidermis of any nearby creature and generate a new micro-universe in the bloodstream/plasma/huntrid gulf of the unfortunate host.

Common symptoms of an Abaran-Txtu infestation are acute paranoia and the appearance of microscopic satellite dishes orbiting the head. It is imperative to attend the nearest self-destruct facility as soon as an infestation is discovered as it is a near certainty that the Abaran-Txtu civilisation inside the host will erupt into all out nuclear war, thus destroying the host and everything within 5 parsecs of said host.

Rating: Extremely dangerous

Status: N/A

Right thing to say if you ever meet one: You won't

The End

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