Perhaps one of the gentlest creatures ever to be forgotten in this universe is the Azoozie, so named for the soothing sound it emits while sleeping (brought on by an unfortunate case of chronic sleep apnea; but cute, nonetheless).

In fact, the Azoozie sleeps for approximately thirty-six and a half hours a day (out of the average forty-one hour day on Planet Roptigure in Galaxy W2R347. During its waking hours (all four and a half of them), the Azoozie spends its time loping gently to and fro, doing nothing in particular at all. For some time, scientists were confounded on how the creature actually managed to survive at all, as it never seemed to hunt, eat, mate or do anything else neccessary for survival. These facts contribute to the Azoozie also obtaining the title of Most Boring Creature of all Time, Ever. Scientists soon gave up observing the creature since none of them could stay awake long enough to catalogue anything.

The Azoozie, with a common "four-legs, one-head" structure, is a moderately sized creature, not unsimilar to the Cantaloupe found on other planets (not to be confused with the melon found on Planet Earth in Galaxy Milky Way; please reference my other publication "A Glossary of Forgotten Fruits" for more information). The greatest difference between the two is a large, flat, mattress-like mass of fatty tissue along one side of the Azoozie so that it may flop over at any moment and go to sleep in comfort, wherever it may be.  

While the Azoozie does not have any known predators, it's hypnotic sleeping sounds and boring nature act, quite accidentally, as a...

Oh, pardon me. Seems I nodded off for just a moment.

Ahem. To clue up, the Azoozie is quite gentle and, while it would work wonders as a solution to insomia universe-wide, it is often completely forgotten about because, frankly, it's so blooming uninteresting.

Rating: Mind-numbingly average

Status: Sleeping, no doubt.

Right Thing to Say Should You Ever Meet One: You won't have a chance, as you'll be snoozing in no time.

The End

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