A Gentleman's Honour

We are past the days of our grandparents, the days of courting and holding her hand once you'd had her parent's permission. A lot would tell us that old way of romance is the reason divorce rates were so low (they just "worked through it", says my grandma), but I'm not saying that we need to revert back to this.  The simple fact is, people are impatient, and so is love. But I'm seen (and experienced) many-a scenario when a boy saps all mote of romance and, most sadly, integrity from an encounter, and then a relationship.

Respect and honour is key (to me at least), and whilst you might be able to walk up to somebody in a club, reach your hand up her shirt and cop a feel, don't expect that to be the foundation of relationships of the life-changing variety. Perhaps some of you are reading this and thinking "I would never do that." Good. I like you. But there are plenty of men who do it, and for them, there's a sexual precedent bobbing over their heads like a neon sign, which could have some moving in, and others running for the highest hill. Decide which of the two you'd want to keep.

Now, when I say gentleman, I'm not exactly talking about the stereotype: you don't need to walk like there's a ramrod up your backside or have a Spencer jacket (though if you do, hello.) The manners of a gentleman are what's important, not necessarily the outward appearance. A woman deserves respect just as much as a man, whether it's putting on the charm or just pushing in her chair at dinner. Gentilesse and romance often walk hand in hand, and the latter seems to be something dreaded - mostly because it can be complex and misunderstood. All I can say on that is, if you think you know somebody well, whether it's thinking to yourself "I think she'd tell me anything" to "whatever our souls are made of, hers and mine are the same" (yes, that's right, I love Wuthering Heights.) then you'll most likely know the right kind of romance. No need for roses and sonnets (not all the time anyway), trust me, the little things can make the heart flutter.

The End

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