Lesson One: Make Her Smile

Collaborative work, please feel free to dive in. And really, it's for anyone to join in, I just wanted a witty title. Does what it says on the tin; how to woo her, understand her, love her or just talk to her...or him. Either one.. you get the idea ^^;
as far as rules go, there are none, just add a "Lesson" when you feel like it folks!

Okay fellas, if you want a sure-fire way to get that girl, there is one thing that is guaranteed to melt even the biggest ice-queen's heart. 

Make. Her. Smile. 

Now how you do this is a little more tricky. That very much depends on the girl. Personally, I like lame jokes, or awkwardly adorable little nerdy things. If she's self-concious (or self centred) make a comment about her appearance (COMPLIMENT HER! Don't tell her that she looks rough... it never ends well). If she loves music, talk bands, art, tell her she's got talent. You get the idea. 

However, don't fake it. Please don't fake it. This has got to come from you, so feel free to use my ideas, but don't copy any lines from me. It won't work unless you're trying to get me. And that won't work unless you happen to be the guy that I call Lancelot, in which case, don't be an idiot, you already got me. 

But I digress. Making her smile. It seems like an impossible task with some girls, but it can be done! Hey, if lame jokes are your style, go for a lame joke. If she doesn't laugh.. well maybe her sense of humor sucks. Maybe she isn't right for you. Or maybe she's playing hard to get. 

If you want to work that out, read on to the other lessons. 

The End

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