The BeginningMature

Eight Months Earlier...

"Brianna, have you seen this?" Courtney, my best friend and constant thorn in the side, exclaimed as she waved a poster in my face. "These people have no right bringing their Devil music to this town!" She shouted dramatically before ripping the poster for the up coming Metal Music Mayhem festival into shreds and shoving them into the bin outside of the small cafe we sat outside.

She slumped back in her chair with an angry set to her jaw. "I don't want to see drug crazed, tattooed and pierced Satan loving Goths walking around here, destroying our towns pristine image" she spat in anger.
I sighed, having heard this rant numerous of times since the posters had be plastered all over town a little over a week ago. "Court, it's just a music festival" I muttered.

She scoffed and shook her head. "It's not just a music festival Brianna, have you seen some of the people that have arrived since those posters went up?" She sat forward and lowered her voice. "They only wear black, they have chains hanging from their clothing, and their faces covered in bits of metal and heavy make up, their arms covered in tattoos and some of them even walk around in masks!" I winced at her screech at the end of her speech and wiggled my ear.
"They're the type of people that scoff at common sense and basic human compassion, they walk the path that evil treads upon!" She shouted in outage.
I sighed again and smiled an apologetic smile at a couple that happened to walk past in the middle of her ranting. "Courtney seriously, stop. You're being over dramatic, just because they look a little different than us, it doesn't mean that they're evil or without compassion and common sense" I said, annoyed.
She scowled at me and narrowed her eyes in determination. "These people don't belong in our time and I'll be damned if I'll stand by and let this festival happen" she snapped and got to her feet then slung her school bag over her shoulder and stormed off without a goodbye.

I watched her walk away in exasperation. I didn't understand why she was so worked up over some festival Sure, I was one of the people that always did a double take when somebody dressed all in black with piercings and tattoos strolled past me, but I never went so far as to accuse them of being Devil worshiping Goths.
So they looked a little different and listened to music that I never had the chance to understand, but were they really so bad that they deserved to be ridiculed? We all had our own likes and dislikes, nobody all looked the same and dressed the same, we were individuals within our own rights.

Biting my lip, I studied the other poster stuck to the cafe window. Scanning the names of the bands, I felt my eyebrows raise in surprise. A lot of their names had corpse or death and some of the names that were impossible to read because of the font.
"Very...interesting" I muttered and plucked it off the window to fold it into my bag. Getting to my feet, I slung my back over my shoulder to make my way home.
Maybe I could some of these bands a chance, I might like them or hate them. How would I know until I went out of my way to find out? Who knows...maybe I'd come to like some of the 'Devil Worshiping'  bands.

The End

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