Battle in the BathroomMature

March 25th, 2018. 12:32

Linton rubbed her eyes in exhaustion, slightly smearing her already ruined eye make-up. By now she probably looked like a grumpy raccoon.

“God, I’m so tired,” she grumbled, clicking on the umpteenth file. Miss Williams was getting more and more difficult to track, even considering she’s never left LA in the three years she’s been rogue. The description Heathcliff had given her of the man who jumped with her wasn’t enough to pinpoint any specific person in all of LA. She called the restaurant they were in front of, and suspected a few couples that had reservations, but she had yet to go onto those leads.

“She’s only making this harder for herself,” Linton grumbled, sipping her nearly cold coffee. She buzzed for an intern to bring her another, along with some aspirin.

April 16th, 2018. 10:43

She rustled her hair into a presentable position, her messy bangs curling slightly over her tall forehead. Dani sat cross legged on the chair next to the bed, her bag in her lap.

Dani pursed her lips and huffed. He sure is taking a while in there. She stood and knocked with one knuckle on the door.

“Are you having a baby or something? Hurry your ass up.” Suddenly, the water in the shower was running and Dani heard the swish of the shower curtain, along with Joe’s grumblings and curses.

“Good,” she muttered, returning to the chair.

An odd noise was really starting to get on her nerves. At first she just brushed it off as one of those quirks often found in hotels, but it was making Danika uneasy now. Deciding to do a thorough search of the room, Dani set her bag strap across her shoulder, letting it rest on her hip, on the opposite side of her gun.

She noticed the phone was slightly off the hook. Dani’s heart raced as she quickly slammed it on the receiver. The noise stopped. Bastard! Dani ran to the bathroom door and kicked it open, finding Joe still fully dressed.

“Prick!” she yelled, reaching for her gun. Joe, quite ungracefully, yanked the shower curtain pole from the walls. Ducking as he swung it at her head, she dived for his middle, knocking them both into the bathtub. He grunted, taking the bulk of the impact. One of Dani’s arms was stuck underneath his body, pinned to the tub’s bottom.

Joe took this chance and started kicking his legs at her. Dani could hear police sirens nearing the hotel.

“Get away from me, you crazy bitch!” he yelled, trying his best to hit her with the shower rod. Dani dodged as best she could in her unfortunate position. He whacked her on the shoulder, and she cried out as a tingling sensation crawled up her neck.


April 4th, 2018. 14:54.

Chunks of ceramic tub, and pieces of granite from the sink scattered around the small washroom. A piece cut Danika's cheek, leaving a stark red line across her skin. Joe’s body shook with pain from the jump. He retched all over the tile floor. Dani forced herself up and stepped out of the ruined tub, massaging her shoulder. A Hispanic couple opened the bathroom door and began to yell in Spanish. Dani couldn’t understand them, but she got their meaning. Their faces were panicked and confused. Regretting ever saving the man, she pulled her gun from its holster and pointed it at the couple. They screamed, and held each other, but didn’t move.

Dani pulled a nearly unconscious Joe’s arm around her good shoulder. The two were happy to see them go, but they would undoubtedly call the police.

Dani returned her gun to her hip once in the hallway, and hurried out a back door and turned down the next alley, Joe dragging his feet. Danika set him down roughly.

“What-” he gasped, holding his ribs, letting his head sag down onto his chest. Danika could see him struggle to stay conscious.

“Listen, asshole,” Dani crouched down to his level, making his eyes focus on her as she grabbed his hair and lifted his head, “You’re only alive because of this.” Her hand blindly searched her bag, and pulled out a syringe filled with dark green liquid. Danika waved it in front of his dazed face as she continued.

“I don’t know what’s in it, but it works. It makes your body adapt to the time jumps,” Dani put it back in her bag, “This also my last one, so you should feel pretty lucky I used one on you.” She led go of his hair as he coughed. Dani looked up, squinted at the sun and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Some food would do us some good, I suppose.”

The End

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