A NightmareMature

April 16th, 2018. 05:02

Oh my God! Danika turned her face away from Joe, her cheeks flushed. Sick bastard! The cold steel tickled her wrist as she readjusted her position, listening to the professor grumble and curse beside her. Dani’s eyelids felt heavy as lead, now that she could allow herself to sleep.

She rhythmed her breathing and tried to imagine the sites, smells, and feel of the Bitterroot Valley. Danika fell asleep quickly after that; her hand firmly around her gun, and a death grip on her satchel. Although, it was still a very light rest.


April 16th, 2018. 10:34

Stuffy air rushed in as she gasped and bolted up, immediately wielding her pistol; her skin slick with sweat and covered with goosebumps. Danika’s eyes were wide while her heart raced as she panted. Her light hair fell in front of her face and reality closed in. She lowered her gun slowly, hand shaking slightly. Her mouth was as dry as a desert.

“Shit,” she whispered, running her fingers through her disheveled hair. Danika noticed two emeralds peering at her from a mess of black hair. She looked at them head on and saw that they were bewildered. One of his eyes was quite bruised from her whacking him hours before. Quickly, Dani unlocked her side of the handcuffs and hooked them onto the bed post.

“What the hell!” Joe demanded in protest. She jumped out of the bed before he could snatch her. Picking up her bag and hurrying into the bathroom, she replied, “I gotta shower,” Dani poked her head out back at him, “And I don’t want a certain somebody to run while I’m in there.” Joseph opened his mouth to object again, however she closed what remained of the door as best she could.

Danika wished she could have enjoyed the shower, but there was no telling when she might jump. The washroom had filled with steam by the time she was finished. Dani swiftly dried herself off and put on her previous outfit. She sniffed her skirt to make sure it didn’t smell too bad. She secured her holster back onto her hip, her hair already beginning to dry.

Dani pushed the door back open, Joe still handcuffed to the bed. Good, she smiled to herself. She set her boots on the end of the bed and started to pull them on and tie them.

“Are you going to un-handcuff me?” he demanded. Ignoring him- as she has been prone to do- Dani sat next to him on the bed. It squeaked loudly as she reached her hand towards his face. In response to her advance, he held up his free hand as if to stop her.

“Sit still, idiot,” she commanded, pushing his hand away as she inspected his eye, brushing dark curly hair out of the way. His expression changed from slightly frightened and surprised, to sour and his body was stiff, expecting pain. Dani poked and prodded it, causing him to flinch. Finishing her assessment, she said, breaking eye contact, “There’s some disinfectant in the bathroom. I suggest you see to your various wounds.”

She leaned away from him and unlocked the handcuffs. Without another word, but with a glare, he strut into the washroom. Dani pulled her bag closer. She pulled out Joe’s blood stained shirt; the dried brown blood spattered and smeared across one side. Danika assumed it was the woman’s- Jamie’s blood. She sincerely hoped Jamie had gotten help with the gunshot injury, although Dani seriously doubted she lived through the impact. The weaponry they were beginning to use against her grew everyday, becoming more dangerous and effective. However, they were also getting more reckless and desperate in their attempts.

“Fucking time travelling shit,” she growled under her breath, her eyes watering. The images of her nightmare earlier still haunted her, no matter how hard she tried to shake it off. Dani clenched the shirt in her fists. She could feel her nails digging into her palms through the fabric.

She quickly swiped away her tears, pushing aside her moment of weakness. 

The End

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