A girl named Petra

If you want to know why it happened then I am afraid I can't tell you that, if you want to know what exactly happened then I shall tell you. It started on Saturday morning, the 6th of May, that date still sends a shiver down my spine....

It was 10am when Petra finally got up, it was quite late for her as she usually arose around 6am for college. Petra was a quite a tall girl, she stood at 5"10 and had chocolate hair that fell just below her shoulders. She had a pretty face, pale complexion and Brown eyes, that were usually helped by a glaze of Givenchy mascara. The reason she woke up so late was that she's had friends round the previous night and they hadn't left until nearly 2am. Petra crawled out from underneath a thick duvet and pulled on a cardigan that smelled faintly of strawberries, 'Ughh, it smells just like Maisie's new perfume, she must have left it here last night' Petra thought to herself with a disdainful expression. Maisie was Petra's best friend and one of the people that were at her flat last night. Petra left the bedroom and went into the kitchen, walked over to her television and turned it onto a Saturday morning cooking show. She flopped herself down on the sofa and started eating some  that were left over from the previous night.

The End

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