If you say so

I do see your point, but, remember, it is only a conversation if you make it one! I do not!

Truth be told, I have had to suffer to the extreme, I have many a days been on the brink of depression, hating myself and my life, my weight and my knowledge of so little, but there was only ever one thing that would help me though the day! The thought that, no matter what, you would always understand how I felt!

Not long before our nice break from school and best of all, for you atleast, the people we ahve to pretend that we get along with (let me make it clear that this is most certainly not myself I speak of).

Myself and a friend I have, on occasion, considered to be a best friend, were chatting away, laughing and giggling about her boyfriend, I suddenly got a text from you, the reason this was so strange was that we were on the bus and you were on the seats on the other side of the aisle, we looked across, you gave no sign that you had sent me anything, other than a small smile on your face as if you were laughing at something.

My friend took my phone and texted you back "WTF?" she is very good with words.

After not getting a reply for a couple of minutes we figured that you had stopped or done it by accident and went back to chatting about the various occurances of school, I then got a volley of texts from you saying whatever came into your mind, I rolled my eyes and showed it to my friend. Once again it was a rather clever "WTF is wrong wiv you?"

Once again no immdeiate responce, but then "water, doctor who, air, fish, merlin, rocks, bob, minute, hahahaha!" We stared at these strange texts that you had just sent me, my friend had had enough and said "look, we are right here, if you want to talk to us then just talk!" with that she turned back to me.

Now let me clariffy one thing, you cry once every blue moon! So when I next looked across at you, believe, me I was shocked to see that you were staring out the window and I could see in yuor reflection, shining tears glistening on your cheak, I nudged my friend and she turned and quickly manoevered herself to the seat next to your and I did the same to the seat infront.

The conversation was too long and complicated for me to explain it fully, but the point of it was, that your preference of friends are people about twice your age, not exaggerating, but the point we managed to get across was that, we love you, you rock!

The End

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