The geeky friend

Since you have decided to do this I thought that I might as well add my bit!

From the moment we met I have been shocked by the amount that one person knows about doctor who! I was even more thrilled when I found out that you are actually nerdier than me!

Each Monday morning for the past couple of months, we would always start a conversation with "hey, did you watch it?" whether it be Merlin, doctor who or striclty we would always ask the same question, everyone else would stare at us when we said it so excitedly and began talking in such detail, well you would I would only ever mention the funny parts.

The personality of a person is shown by how they react to what someone is talking of, so when asked about feelings and asked for comfort, your best responce is "sort it out" sometimes even "I dunno" always so helpful.

You alwasy show such great organization when it comes to common sense, for example rememebering a watch, and your famous reply to someone asking what the time is "Time you got a watch!"

The End

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