A Girl Called Jemima

Did you know that more of space has been explored than the oceans on our own planet? We know far more about the stars than the dark waters on our own planet. Amazing, isn't it?

What a funny sight it is to see a brood of ducklings living with a hen! Listen to the story of Jemima Puddle-duck, who was annoyed because the famer’s wife would not let her hatch her own eggs.

Her sister-in-law, Mrs. Rebeccah Puddle-duck, was perfectly willing to leave the hatching to some one else- “I have not the patience to sit on a nest for twenty eight days; and no more have you, Jemima. You would let them go cold; you know you would!”


Sounds a little like me, thought the slight, blonde haired girl, who was sitting under a tree on a hot July Sunday afternoon. I am impatient, forgetful, and unreliable.  Her glasses were perched on the end of her strong nose, and her coral pink lips were pulled up at the corners in a whisper of a smile. She was smiling her whisper of a smile at the small white book in her lap.


“I wish to hatch my own eggs; I will hatch them all by myself,” quacked Jemima Puddle-duck. She tried to hide her eggs; but they were always found and carried off. Jemima Puddle-duck became quite desperate. She determined to make a nest right away from the farm.


The girl curled her legs under herself like a cat and snorted at the book. “This duck is just like me,” she said out loud, quite without meaning to. “I’m stubborn, too. Her sister tries to tell her what to do, but what does her sister know about what she actually wants? And look what it drives this poor duck to doing- making a nest away from the farm.” The girl snorted once more and snapped the book closed.

The girls name was Jemima. However, her surname was not Puddle-duck, but Williams. Jemima’s sister, Kate, had indeed recently taking to bossing her younger sibling around. Telling her what she should wear, what she should say, what she should do to make boys like her more.

“You’re fourteen,” her sister had announced one day. “You really need to get yourself a boyfriend sometime soon, don’t you think?”

Jemima had snorted and not looked up from her book.

“Seriously, you can’t end up a complete social reject. When you start Year 10 in September I am finding you a boyfriend.” Kate paused for breath. “Come to think of it, I haven’t seen anything that looks remotely like friends of yours lately. Where are they all?”

Jemima continued to ignore her.

Unperturbed, Kate went on. “You spend all day reading those stupid books, or down at the beach. I’ll make you a Facebook account if you like. Oh, and you should go and hang out around the park, see if you can find anyone to talk to. Although, most of them are with us and…”

As her sister nattered, Jemima had become very annoyed. What the hell did Kate know about her? Her life, or what she liked and disliked? All that seemed to matter was making sure her younger sister didn’t become some kind of school freak, a complete reject. That would ruin Kate’s reputation for sure.

Under the tree, thinking back, Jemima shuddered at the thought of Kate’s “reputation.” She was the coolest girl in school, with blonde hair and baby blue eyes, legs that went on for eons, and a huge clique of girls and hot lads who followed her around endlessly.

Kate Williams moved from boy to boy like lightening, and if you didn’t keep up with her newest fashion trend, you were out. She got straight A’s in every exam and was loved by the teachers. She managed to never cross the fatal line into looking cheap or tarty. Her stupidly short skirt was just long enough to stop her being arrested on the streets for showing way too much leg.  

It was almost too much to bear.


The End

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