A girl and her doll

“It’s too much! Too much, I say! Too much!”

Karen McWilson was awoken to this phrase, being repeated over and again, at her grandmother’s house, where she was for a weekend sleepover.

Rubbing sleep from her eyes, Karen got out of bed and went to her window, curious as to who was screaming and why so late at night.

Outside, Karen saw a girl about her age, maybe a little bit older, burying something under the old oak tree in the backyard. Karen squinted to see what she was burying, and it appeared to be a doll.

Knowing she wouldn’t get any more rest with that shouting going on, Karen crept out of her room, then downstairs then outside.

Once outside, Karen walked up to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. “Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m alright. Thank you for your concern,” the girl replied, standing up and turning to face Karen. She had an eerie smile on her face, and her eyes remained unblinking as they analyzed Karen’s face. “You may leave now.”

Odd, thought Karen as she walked away, especially because the voice that had been speaking to her just then had been different than the one that had been screaming earlier. Now able to sleep, Karen trudged drowsily back to the house. She was so tired that she wasn’t paying attention to much else…

…She didn’t even notice when the girl screamed again and dropped dead behind her…

The End

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