A Ghost Story

this is based on a true story that I have personally experienced I am not going to use any real names not even my own so in this story you will know me as David Dolan enjoy :)

I don't know how it happened and if it didn't happen to me I wouldn't have believed it so you might not. The only thing I know about the story is the fact that I was there.

Its exactly 6:15pm and the darkness has already started its assassination of sunlight making every street corner pitch black and empty the main thing wrong with this picture is that tonight is halloween. Strangely none of the street lamps are working which is spooky because they have never stopped working before... what a creepy night but I suppose it is halloween after all. Anyway lets get back to the story.
           I was walking home from the after school swimming competition unfortunately we came second place to saint humbles comprehensive school there was no doubt about it they were better than us and our best swimmer was off school ill. I was just about to take the turn into my street but I noticed someone wandering in the alleyway I thought it was just a kid trying to play tricks on me but instead there were a group of kids gathered around a young kid who had just been pushed to the floor. 
           I put my back to the wall to see if I could hear what they were saying.
" Give me your goods if you don't want to get hurt" said the biggest guy.
" Please don't hurt me" cried the kid lying on the floor.
        After bout five minutes of the little kid refusing the biggest made a step forward towards him with a iron bar.
"you should have co-operated now you will see what happens to those who refuse to do what I tell them too"
too afraid to move I kept my back to the wall. The biggest kid swung the metal bar crashing against the little kids skull, there was a loud crash knocking the kid unconscious with his back up against the dustbin, seconds later the gang of boys ran away down the alley.
"JAKE!!!!" a woman screamed running towards him.
"WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?" she screamed.
"He got knocked unconscious by a gang of boys twice his size, they told him to give them his sweets and when Jake refused the gang leader didn't wait on what to do and hit him with a iron bar" I replied. 
"I am sorry but I can't help you because I must be heading off home my mums expecting me for dinner."
               I started to walk home, as I turned the corner into my own street something made me stop dead in my tracks... there in the middle of the road stood what it looked like  Jake, I just stood there staring not knowing what to do.
" Why didn't you help me?" He said.
I was too afraid to reply, instead I turned around and ran as fast as my legs could carry me.
"could I be seeing things" I thought.  
I  ran into my house, up the stairs, and into my bed but that didn't stop me seeing him he was everywhere on my posters on my TV and I could see him when I closed my eyes, even in the bathroom mirror. He was everywhere and no matter where I looked he was there staring at me with his lifeless eyes.

"You could of helped me," He said in a deathly tone.

"I couldn't help you, I was too afraid to move" I replied in a shakey stutter.

"You have to set things straight, if you do a few errands for me I will go." He whispered,

"What you have to do is, tell my mum that I love her, that is all."

"O..k...ok." I stuttered.

With that he disapeared. The next morning I ate my breakfast, had a bath and left the house, on my arrival of Jake's home I couldn't help but feel Jake's presence as if he was watching me.

I knocked on the door. The door clicked and in the doorway was Jake's mother, with Jake standing behind her.

"I have had a request to come here and tell you something, you might not believe this." I said in a firm tone.

"Why whats the message?" She replied.

"Well, Jake told me to tell you how much he loves you, I know this is bizarre but im telling the truth." I answered in a shakey but firm tone.

She looked at me, in a dirty way. Almost as if she couldn't believe what I just said.

"Ive got to go." she replied.

"I understand, but you have to know im telling the truth." I answered.

Suddenly the door closed, and Jame's appeared behind me.

"Thank you, I shall go now."

With that he disapeared, I walked home almost not believing what happened. I was glad it was all over.

Or was it....

The End

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