A Shocking Discovery

I woke up with a start. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn't in my bed. This one was smaller and much more uncomfortable. I also realized that I didn't change out of my clothes. I remembered the dream that I had last night and studied my shirt. Nothing. No dark stains, no deep gashes. Nothing. I breathed a sigh of relief. It was just a dream. I climbed out of the bed with great difficultly and looked around. To my confusion I was in the great hall. The long tables had been removed and the space had been filled with row after row of chairs. I walked to one of the side entrances and was about to leave when I heard Artemidorus, the palace adviser, walk in through the large double doors. His back was to me and he was reading a scroll and muttering to himself.

"Sir Tim," I called as I made my way towards him,"What is the meaning of this?"

He did not answer.

"Sir Tim, I asked you a question."

He still didn't answer.

I reached his shoulder. "Sir Tim, answer me..."

My hand went straight through him.

I quickly withdrew it. Sir Tim shuddered and rolled up the scroll. "We need more chairs." I heard him mutter as he walked away. He didn't seem to see me. In fact, if I hadn't stepped aside he would have walked straight into me. My eyes drifted back to the front of the hall and I realized with horror that I hadn't been in a bed but a coffin. Horrified, I made my way toward it. Could it be? I looked inside. Lying inside, dressed completely in white, was me. My eyes were closed and my skin was pale. I felt sick.

I turned away and ran to the grand staircase. I raced down the steps and went flying down the hall to the servants' quarters. When I finally came to Sarah's room, I found the door ajar. "Sarah!" I yelled furiously. "Sarah, what is going on?" I heard a sniffing noise.

"Sarah?" I walked in inside. Sitting up on the bed was Sarah. She had her head in her hands, and was crying quietly. I sat next to her.

"Sarah, it's okay. I'm right here." I reached out a hand to pat her on the back, but thought better of it.

"It's all my fault!" she cried out suddenly. She sobbed louder. "I should never of said that to him." I realized that she was talking about our argument. But if the argument was real then that meant...

I heard the sound of a bell and realized that I had heard it only twice before. It was only sounded when someone in the royal family died. Sarah left the room, not acknowledging my presence once. I walked over to a dusty mirror in a corner of the room. I looked alive. I put a hand to my cheek. I felt alive. But apparently I wasn't.

"Am I... a ghost?" I asked the empty room.

The End

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