Raising More Questions Than Ones Answered (2-4)

“So then, why haven’t you sent me to the afterlife?”

“I’m working on finding that out, stupid!”

Hitting him squarely on the head, she turned away once more, and began muttering incoherently, pacing off as she did so. She stopped dead in her tracks, quite suddenly – her expression turning to a strange mixture of sheepishness, and anger, the latter likely at not realising it sooner.

“Of course!”


“Basic Spirit Transport lessons, how did I forget?”

“Clumsiness, I suppose, but what are you talking about?”

“You’re a Treasure Spirit. You’ve got an artefact of some kind stuck in you – you’d call it a magical object, I suppose. We call them Anchors – they keep you anchored to this world. Don’t worry, it’ll be out soon, just stay still.”


Without even a brief heads-up, the Reaper girl thrust her arm up into the boy’s chest, reaching around inside of him. Her limb writhed about like an agitated snake as she grew increasingly desperate to get it further in and retrieve the artefact, pumping her appendage in and out in a most fervent manner. He continued grunting as she attempted to get enough force behind her to break through the barrier, but it was to no avail – despite her arm’s thrusting, the Anchor was stubborn in its refusal to emerge, but its holder was left panting, sweating, and generally exhausted by the whole affair.

“What the HELL were you doing to me?!”

“Trying to get the Anchor out so I can send you off, you moron. What, did you think I was baking?”

“That’s not what I meant! I thought you were trying to kill me!”

“Well, that hardly matters now, because I can’t get the damn thing out!”

The tension between the two was thick – thick enough to slice with a knife and spread on your toast, if you were like that. Regardless of tension, however, the fact remained – he wasn’t advancing to the afterlife because she couldn’t retrieve the treasure, and she wasn’t going back until it was figured out just what was happening.

The End

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