Raising More Questions Than Ones Answered (2-3)

Turning around in a childish strop, the girl – or woman, if what she said was credible – ‘hmphed’ and stuck her chin up, eliciting a weary sigh from the only other thing resembling  human being in the area.

“You know I still have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Shut up, I’m thinking!”

“About what?”

“Reaper things! Now just stay there and… I don’t know, do human things!”

As tempted as she was to hit him, she resisted the urge, knowing that she could probably obliterate his soul in the process, as opposed to sending it to the afterlife. Then, she actually bothered to get serious – as opposed to throwing her toys out of the pram because somebody talked back.


A few minutes passed, with the boy repeatedly poking at his body, but to no avail. It wasn’t decaying that quickly, but he still felt awkward about it laying there. After all, even if it was a part of town that few people lived in anymore, someone was bound to discover his corpse. He just wanted it moved someone to be able to call the police before the rats got at his fingers. His thought process was interrupted by a shout from the ‘Reaper,’ her eyes squeezed tightly in frustration.

“This hasn’t happened before! Why is it happening now!”

“Erm… Still have-“

“I bloody well know! Look, if I explain things to you, will you please just shut up? I’ve just screwed up on an extremely simple job here. And I’m holding you responsible until I find out the real reason!”

“What?! Why?!”

“Shut up!”


Turning to him with a fierce look blazing in her eyes, the so-called ‘Reaper’ attempted to stare down her latest victim of her lectures, but it looked completely ridiculous. Instead, she just continued with what she was going to say.

“We Reapers are descended from the god of the afterlife himself, taught never to retreat, never to surrender – taught that having our spirits obliterated on the battlefield is the greatest glory a Reaper could achieve in their service. Reapers… The finest soldiers the spirit world has ever known. We do battle with the Negites, who consume the souls of those recently passed, and allow them passage to the afterlife. That bull you just saw – a Negite. Me? I’m a Reaper.”

The End

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