Raising More Questions Than Ones Answered (2-2)

Before she had the chance to go off on a tangent, he cut her off, a slight waver to his voice. Only natural, considering the circumstances.

“Yeah, listen… I, um…”

“Yes, go on.”

“Have no idea what’s going on. Mind telling me?”

“Argh, it’s always twenty-one questions with you humans! Why can’t you just be a dog, and accept your miserable fate! You’re wasting my time. Ask questions in the afterlife, I’m sure there’s a bimbo at the help desk who can give you a leaflet or something. Now, prepare yourself for the afterlife. Or don’t. Just… Try not to be sick on the carpets when you re-materialise.”


Hand now glowing a soft white, she placed her palm upon his forehead, breathing slowly out. And, though he felt a warm sensation wash over him, the boy noticed no notable changes in his bodily state. Visibly irritated, she attempted the action again, prompting another warm feeling to wash over him. Frustrated, she thrust her palm forcefully into the newly-departed soul, quite forcefully at that. Alas, the extra force did nothing, but it certainly made him feel sore on the bridge of his nose.

“Argh! It’s not working! Why isn’t it working! Wait, don’t tell me you’re a Negite in disguise… You aren’t, are you?”


He adopted a puzzled expression, one that needed no vocal accompaniment to express just how confused he was.

“Negite? What in the blue blazes are you on about?”

“I guess you’re not… Besides, even for a human, you seem too dense to be one of them…”

“Oi. I’m dead and confused, but you’d still be better off watching yourself, shorty.”

“What was that, human?! I’ll have you know, I’ve lived over five of your lifetimes! Whatever happened to respecting your elders?!”

“I’d like to ask why you’re so short, even if you’re so old.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!”

The End

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