A gentle Breakdown...Mature

When low- I get very low... This is a poem that I wrote during a bad night. I was very close. I'm glad my little sister sleep-talking reminded me who I would be hurting.

A gentle breakdown.

A gentle falling into the clouds.

A ballet of musical emotions.

When everything crashes around.

What will they think
when they find me here?

What will they think?
Will the why be clear?

So I write this final letter,
I write this final goodbye
to let you know
that I don't want you to cry.

I did what I did
to selfishly be happy.

This is the only way that I could decide
to put  to peace my mind.
My aching
Breaking mind...

So please move on.
Forget about me.
Forget my ambitions.
Forget my dreams.
Forget my hopes.
Forget my nightmares.
Forget my insecurities.
I'm just another person, another brick in the wall...

I don't expect you to understand.
I just wish that you could see.

I'm sorry.
For everything.

Just be happy that I'm now happy.

The End

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