House of Nightmares

The estate itself was not always so forbidding and repulsive of life.  At one time the greatest minds in the world converged there, pooling their knowledge in an attempt to help the warriors of the Night family.  They were the select few who knew of the existence of the Gate, and who were the best equipped to combat it.

They had worked feverishly for centuries; a constant stream of new faces and ideas that were finally beginning to erode the Gate.  It was cause for great celebration; the Gate was finally showing it’s weakness!

But then, on the night of their greatest triumph, something collapsed within the society.  The scientists and philosophers who came to find new weapons against the Gate had discovered a truth. 

An Ultimate Truth.

And on that night, the dozens of brilliant minds that worked in the estate closed their books and journals and bid farewell to their patrons.  And all but one fled the premises, never to return

He was old, very, very old, and he sat for a moment staring at nothing.  At the Gate.  And then, with a gentle smile, he walked with calm and certainty to the North, to oblivion

The End

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