4 - A Little EntropyMature

            In a small and cramped corner of reality, a certain god with a curly bowl-cut was sulking while shoving numbers and equations into a box. “It’s not fair!” he wailed, shoving Delta S aside for the fiftieth time. “They can’t play a game without me; mom and dad are so going to hear about this!”

            This immature, nerdy god is named Entropy. Often excluded by his siblings, Harmony and Agony, he’s eager to tell on them yet again.

            ‘But what’s the point in telling mom and dad?’ Entropy pouted, emptying his box of equations and numbers onto the floor. ‘All they ever do is ignore me and tell me to just be glad I still have a job to do. I need to do something else. Well, revenge has always been a tasty human idea; maybe I should try it!’

            The god Entropy rubbed his hands together in glee, before realizing that the floor was in a mess once again. “Oh, pooh.” he grumbled, starting to put the numbers and equations back into his box.

            ‘But what would be considered revenge?’ Entropy allowed his thoughts to wander. ‘Something mean, but not too mean; Harmony and Agony can easily kick my butt.’ Delta Q goes in. ‘Maybe I should mess with the humans…no, too obvious.’ Delta T falls out. ‘Ooh, I know!’ Delta T goes back in. ‘I’ll take part in the game without their knowing. That’s so much like me; sneaky and conniving, a master of stealth!’ he grinned, throwing the half-full box haphazardly at a wall.

            He merrily watched all the numbers and equations tumble out again, not really caring about the mess he made. He could consider his job done for the day; the humans can go a little while without perpetual chaos.

            After all, he was going to get his revenge!

            All he needed was the perfect human. The god Entropy calmly flipped open his laptop and opened up the database of existence. The screen displayed the familiar green lettering: ‘LOADING…’ and he sighed impatiently. “Come on, existence, I haven’t got all day…” he groused, tapping his fingers on the keyboard in a sharp, staccato rhythm.

            Entropy glared at the screen accusingly. The computer was lying to him; it had to be. Loading a database couldn’t possibly take this long.

            After what seemed like an eternity of waiting and cursing, the screen lit up with a cheery yellow light and a stilted, automated voice message played, “Welcome to Existence. Please enter your search criteria.” “Finally!” Entropy cried, filling out the search box as indicated.

            “There are – three matches for your search: ‘down-to-earth’, ‘predictable’ and ‘none too bright’. Please choose the human you wish to learn about in more detail.”

            ‘Perfect,’ Entropy thought triumphantly, ‘Harmony and Agony will never see this coming; with my blessing, the most useless lump of a human in existence will be the most brilliant distraction in history! Look out, dear siblings, a little Entropy’s going to mess up your game!’

The End

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