3 - A Meeting? Not Quite.Mature

            Nervous, scared Kaylee got out of bed that morning feeling like she had been hit by a bullet train. She was a wreck. It wasn’t as if she didn’t know what was wrong; of course she did. What was wrong was that she’s suddenly become a weapon of mass-destruction! Well, it was either that or she had gone completely insane last night. After all, why would a god choose to bless her with the power of ultimate destruction?

   It must have been a mistake.

            There was no other explanation.

            Despite her jitteriness, Kaylee went about her day. As usual, she let herself be shoved aside by people who were obviously off to do more important things than she could imagine and by people who were obviously better than her in general. Oh no, it didn’t matter at all that she skinned her knee, really! That sort of thing will heal up all on its own. It was nothing to make a fuss over, honest.

            “Outta my way!” a young man snapped at her, shoving poor Kaylee into a wall as he rushed past.

            All Kaylee could do was mutter a vague, hapless “Sorry…” as she tumbled to the ground. She sighed, drawing her knees up to her chest dejectedly. Maybe she should just sit here until the rush hour is over. After all, everyone was so busy and all she did was get in the way (even if she had places to be too).

            She hunched her shoulders, watching people rush about. How nice it would be if she could simply stay out of everybody’s way forever, she thought. She made to get up, but her eyes widened when she noticed that the scrape on her knee had completely healed.


            Meanwhile, a few miles from where Kaylee stood shell-shocked…

            “Damn it, I’m late!” screamed a very irritated King, shoving his way through the morning crowd. ‘As if it weren’t bad enough that I had that crazy dream with that hippie-goddess chick, but now I’m late too!’ he thought furiously, ‘Is it ‘pick on King’ day already?’

            Usually, King could care less about getting to work on time, but his boss had warned him of how close he was to being fired several days ago. Since being fired and having to look for a new job was more tedious and frustrating than his current job, King soon found himself very eager to get back on his boss’ good side. Unfortunately, his bad attitude coupled with his constant lateness wasn’t really going to help him in that respect.

            When King finally burst through the door of the DVD rental place he worked at, his boss was already waiting impatiently behind the counter with a thunderous scowl upon his face.

            “You’re late. Again.” the burly man rumbled, glaring at King from under his bushy grey brows.

            “Look,” King began nervously, “I know that the first few times I’ve been late were on purpose, but believe me when I say this time was purely on accident! I had this really messed up dream with this really hot but really stupid chick and…”

            “King,” his boss interrupted, “I’ve warned you what would happen if you were late one more time. I’m running a business here – I can’t keep employees when I can’t even count on them to be here on time. I’m afraid we’re going to have to let you go.”

            He had known it was coming. He had known that no matter what stupid excuses or valid reasons he came up with, he would be fired today. So why did King feel a surge of irrational hatred at that announcement? Why did he feel like burying a fist straight into the smug, pudgy face of his ex-employer? Well, it didn’t really matter why he felt what he felt, because he really shouldn’t do it if he didn’t want to land himself in jail.

            Seething and mumbling threats under his breath, King stormed right back out of the shop. ‘One day,’ he thought, ‘I’ll build the ultimate weapon...or something. And then, that fat slug will be the first to die. It will be bloody, with his guts plastered to the ceiling…while he’s still alive!’

            Harmony and Agony, sitting up in their own plane of reality, could only shake their heads in annoyance.

            “That King of yours…how…imaginative and creative he is.” Agony deadpanned, not even bothering to look at Harmony as he spoke.

            “And that Kaylee of yours…what a sweet little mouse she is.” Harmony returned, massaging her temples with her fingertips as she desperately tried to stave off an incoming headache.

            The gods, Harmony and Agony, were perhaps starting to believe that they have chosen the wrong candidates in their little game. Or perhaps, the wrong game in the first place. Kaylee and King were going absolutely nowhere. King was as violent and horrible as ever; Kaylee seemed to be terrified of her new powers. What were two bored gods to do?

The End

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